Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number

Order status and delivery information, help with selecting a product to purchase, the Best Buy rewards program and credit card accounts, technical assistance and more...


Calling Best Buy Customer Service...

As you hear the greeting message ("Best Buy") you can choose between being served in English or Spanish languages.

Next you will have a chance to state the reason for your call (Eg. Rewards, Delivery, Purchase). Their automated assistance system seems to be quite intelligent. Most of the users find it effective and convenient. Your phone may be matched to their records. So, if you want to be helped promptly, you may want to call from the phone number associated with your online account.

If you want to get live assistance from a Best Buy customer service representative, you may say "Operator" or "Talk to a Representative". You may get asked a few more questions that will help to narrow down your options, but you will be redirected to the right department very soon.

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