Amazon Customer Service


Amazon customer service number is the place to get help with your online or digital Kindle order, Prime membership and general website use questions. has taken a leading role in online retailing. Their innovative, efficient and effective customer service work has been the pillar to their successful business and company growth. Most of your issues will be addressed fast and in timely manner. You may start by visiting their resolution center here. For those, who prefer using a phone, see the number above. Good luck! And don't forget to leave us your feedback.

Please understand that some services, such as financing, credit cards and other are provided by Amazon's partners, which essentially are third party companies. Therefore the customer service pertaining to these services provided by may be limited to certain general topics. There's a chance that for further assistance you will be redirected or referred to a different customer support agency. Please keep that in mind as you leave a review for your experience with the customer service and be specific as to what type of service you were discussing.